What foods should be avoided with proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition. It seems that one has only to say these two words, as the image of a happy married couple (necessarily tanned) immediately appears in my head, eating exclusively lettuce leaves and almond milk. Fortunately, “good nutrition” isn’t just about vegetables. However, many foods that we strongly associate with good nutrition (for example, low-fat yoghurts), in fact, are not. What products should be discarded if we want to lead a truly healthy lifestyle?

First, we should cross fruit yogurts from our menu (even if we eat them exclusively for breakfast on holidays). They contain too much sugar and various additives, which are more harmful than beneficial. It is better to switch to natural yoghurts and always pay attention to the expiration date: the shorter it is, the more natural the product is. But if the shelf life of yogurt is six months, you can be sure that there are absolutely no nutrients in it.

Secondly, it is worth giving up pasta. Especially from wheat flour: they contain easily digestible carbohydrates, which our body quickly converts into energy, which means it quickly spends. That is, you can have a great dinner with delicious pasta, but feel hunger again in an hour. You can turn to pasta from durum wheat, since the body needs more time to digest them, which means that we will not feel hunger so quickly.

In third place on the list of foods to skip is instant oatmeal. Firstly, there is a lot of sugar in such cereals, and it provokes hunger. And secondly, no nutrients are observed there. Manufacturers can cheat gullible buyers as much as they want, but the truth is.

Fourthly, it is worth forgetting about semolina. In fact, it is pure starch and some protein. Our body quickly digests all this, and we begin to feel hunger again. Therefore, it is worth looking for something else for breakfast.

Fifth, packaged juices are also not the best drink if we decide to eat exceptionally well. There are different types (depending on the method of preparation), but they differ in the amount of sugar and the fruits themselves in the composition. It is much healthier to eat a regular apple than to drink a glass of apple juice.

Sixth, semi-finished products. That one word should terrify the advocates of healthy eating. Numerous flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers and other “wonderful” substances that do not bring any benefit to our body. Of course, once a month it’s not deadly to cook some nuggets, but you shouldn’t abuse them.