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The printer is an indispensable assistant at home and in the office. There are different models on sale, but it is inkjet ones that are in the highest demand. Want to know more? We will tell you what an inkjet printer looks like, we will analyze the principles of its operation. We will separately indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the solution.

Principle of operation

Let’s start with a description of an inkjet printer . From the refilled cartridge, ink is supplied to the paper through the nozzles. Fine holes in the nozzle transport ink to form an image, document or photo.

The exact equipment depends on the model. So there are nozzles from 16 to 64. The print speed on a particular printer will be different. Manufacturers use the number of pages per unit of time to calculate capacity.

The ink is stored in a special cartridge – a container connected to the cartridge through a cable. It creates the conditions for continuous printing. Types of inkjet printers, taking into account the method of applying ink to the media:

Heads with piezoelectric elements come with nozzles, each of which contains a microscopic crystal. When the current flows through the system, the crystalline element is deformed, squeezes the ink onto the paper, and sends the rest back.

The answer to the question of how much a color inkjet printer costs depends largely on the printing technology. For example, the gas bubble technique is considered more reliable, and such equipment is more expensive. It is possible to print photos in high resolution, but the technique has difficulties when printing using solid fill technology. The operation is based on the principle of nozzle heating. A heating device is installed in each of them – it passes current, gradually reaches maximum temperatures. The gas bubbles that are in the system slowly expand and begin to push out the ink. If there is no current, the temperature of the nozzles decreases, the gas bubble decreases in size.

Which inkjet printer is better to choose and buy for the home – maybe drop-on-demand? We are talking about the modified technology of gas bubbles. For graphs and holograms, this is a great solution. Images come out with contrast, and the process of creating them is fast.

Advantages and disadvantages

Choosing an inkjet printer for your home is, in most cases, the practical, right decision. It costs much more than devices using laser and other technologies. It is possible to print high-quality color photos, but much will depend on the model. How do you know if the device is right for you or not? See the specifications, ask for help from consultants and be sure to study the reviews of inkjet printers for the home before buying.

The equipment has relatively small dimensions, cartridges can be refilled on their own. There are models that allow you to install continuous color and regular ink supply systems. But the printing speed is low, and after long periods of inactivity, the ink dries up. The cost of original consumables is rather big.

Purpose and functions

The print quality of an inkjet printer is high, so the equipment is used, including for creating photos. Indispensable devices for printing posters, brochures, booklets, presentations. There are models that apply images to fabrics, dishes.

The resolution of the images is high, the colors are saturated. For the advertising industry, this is a great choice.

Inkjet or laser

It all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. To print regularly in small volumes, you can order an inkjet model. It is cheaper and performs well in operation. For occasional use, active printing, it is better to stay on laser equipment.

What is an inkjet printer with CISS

The continuous ink supply system has the form of a set of tanks – for each color separately. They are connected by special silicone cables from tubes and capsules. Tanks come with special filling holes.

Are you wondering how to choose a good color inkjet printer for your home, do you need models with CISS? If you need to save money, this is the ideal solution – you can refill ink an infinite number of times, it all depends on the resource of the cartridge.

Which inkjet printer is better to choose and buy for home

For the best option, see:

  • to speed. Up to 20-40 sheets will be ready in a minute, depending on the type of printing (color, black and white) and the specific model;
  • way of working. In color or only b/w;
  • cartridge element resource. Various options are available within 7500 sheets;
  • permission. The higher it is, the better;
  • functional. Printers can be equipped with copiers and scanners, which expands their capabilities;
  • paper sizes. The standard is A4, but there are models that work with A3;
  • additional features. Among the popular ones are control via smartphone, Wi-Fi connection.

Operating tips

Have you studied the rating of the best inkjet color printers and made a choice? In this case, we recommend that you read the instructions for use. It is not difficult to observe them, and the service life of the devices will increase significantly:

  • Print at least once a week to keep the ink from drying out and clogging the print head.
  • Turn off the device by pressing the dedicated button. In this case, the print head will automatically move to the end position. If you pull the cord, this will not happen.
  • Change cartridges quickly. The main goal is to reduce the contact time of ink and air, otherwise the thin nozzles can become clogged. If you do not know how to make a replacement at the level yourself – contact the specialists.
  • Don’t ignore expiration dates. The warranty for cartridges is issued for six months to a year, after the ink dries.
  • Take good paper. Necessarily smooth, with an ash content of 18-20%. The villi, which are found in some varieties, clog the nozzles with dust.

Even the best color inkjet printer requires proper use – in this case, it will last a maximum period.

Top Models: Expert Recommendations

Rating of the best color printers for the home:

  • Brother DCP-T510W.
  • Canon TS5040.
  • HP DeskJet 5075.

Choose the option that suits the ratio of price and quality.

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