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VPN services include two subspecies: computer software and browser permissions. Installing a VPN program on your computer allows network traffic to go through the VPN server without internet slowdowns and disconnection issues. You can find the list of VPNs for PC here.

Another advantage is the ability to encrypt with a strong key with additional security. The disadvantage of installing VPN on a computer is the lack of a free and trial period.

VPN connection algorithm with installation on a computer

When installing a VPN program on a computer, you must create a user profile. This is usually done through account setup. In the case when a VPN connection is used for work, it is necessary to check the compatibility settings of the network with the company’s corporate network.

When using the program personally, you must do this through the Microsoft Store application, and then select the desired connection using the VPN site.

After installing the program on a computer, the following procedure for setting up a connection is carried out:

The Start command is pressed, then the Start parameter, then you need to go to the Settings tab – Network and Internet – VPN – Add VPN connection.

In the Addition subsection, you must specify the following information:

  • Set VPN Service Provider to Windows (Built-in).
  • In the Name tab, specify the name of the connection for further search.
  • In the address field, enter the address for the VPN server.
  • The type of VPN connection is selected based on what is used in the corporate network.
  • The Login data type field can contain the user’s personal data, a one-time password, and an organization’s smart card.

All changes are saved through the appropriate command.

Changing VPN settings

To edit information about the VPN or add new settings – a proxy server, another connection, go to the Advanced settings tab.

Next, select the category Connect to a VPN network, select a personal profile. After that, you need to select the network icon, network connection, then activate it.

When prompted, you must enter the user’s personal data – name and password.

Once connected, the VPN connection name will be displayed below it. You can check the quality of its work through the Network (or) parameter or using the icon on the taskbar.

The best VPNs to install on a computer

1. Tunnel Bear

A fairly simple program with a fast network connection. Installing the application, both on computers and on mobile devices, allows you to use the program without third-party settings.

The only negative can be considered the limited free traffic.

2. Windscribe

The service has a sufficient amount of free traffic per month (when registering e-mail), and its increase is possible after publishing on Twitter, where for each new user, the publisher is given 1 GB.

Registration is possible without personal data, only with an email address. Only one device can support the free version.

3. Hotspot Shield

The traffic of this program is limited to 500 MB per day, which can be spent on five devices. The service provides the ability to automatically connect to a VPN when accessing the Internet via open Wi‑Fi, which makes it easy to pay for goods.

The disadvantages of the service are the lack of program selection and low network speed.

4. Speedify

The Speedify service has a high connection speed by using available internet connections. You can connect using 30 servers around the world, but there is a traffic limit per device.

5. Proton VPN

The service can be used on most platforms, the free version gives the user the right to choose three connection countries, and the traffic is not limited.

The disadvantages of the program include the lack of support for streaming services and torrents, but they are available in a paid version.

6. Browsec

This service has no traffic restrictions, and is provided both in the format of a program for installation and a browser connection. The Smart Settings feature allows you to enable VPN for only one site. The application provides four available servers and a reduced network connection speed.

7. Hide Me

This is a broad class VPN that allows the user to work with many platforms, operating systems and routers. Any version of it provides network encryption, user support, torrent support, and fast connections.

Restrictions include minimal traffic, the ability to work from one device, the choice of only five connection countries.

8. SurfEasy

A convenient service for bypassing local restrictions. The free version of SurfEasy is limited in traffic, but allows you to work with multiple mobile or stationary devices.

The paid version provides user support and an ad blocking feature.

9. Avira Phantom VPN

A service used for sensitive online activities. The program does not provide an emergency disconnection from the Network and control of DNS leaks.

10Private Tunnel

After registering an account, you can work from three devices and select a server. Free traffic is limited, but its paid renewal is possible.

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