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Telegram is an application that allows you to exchange messages. Such an application allows you to organize private conversations, subscribe to programs of interest to the user. It also provides for the creation of bots. Bots support the transfer of multimedia files, the transfer of similar files in different formats. The developer of this application is Pavel Durov. Many are interested in: is it possible to restore access to Telegram after deleting it? In this article you will find detailed instructions.

How to restore access to Telegram on Android.

Losing your account is not easy. With the deletion of the account, all chats, all stickers disappear. To restore saved materials, the user contacts technical support. But in support they say that nothing can be changed. The specialist only advises to be more prudent before dealing with the removal of “junk”.

elegram Access Restoration Principles

The developer of the program made it so that everyone could renew their accidentally deleted account. Problems can only arise with an accidentally deleted profile.

The main reasons that access to the account becomes unavailable:

  • uninstalling the program;
  • loss of a special code/password from the system;
  • loss of a SIM card;
  • complete destruction of the profile.

This combination should always be kept close. You must not forget it, otherwise the application will be blocked forever. So, in order to get access to Telegram again, you need:

  1. Run the work program.
  2. Enter contact details and numbers that will be sent to the user’s personal phone.
  3. Open a personal menu that allows you to go to the “settings” section, and then select the “Privacy” item.
  4. Next, you need to disable the “Code / password” button.

After such operations, the user will be authorized without unnecessary barriers. In the same way, it will be possible to restore personal access to the account, completely eliminating the Telegram program. After re-installation, the application will automatically reset the “password”.

How to delete a personal account?

A personal account cannot be deleted via a mobile phone. To completely destroy the profile address, you must open the user page, and then click on “deactivate”. This operation becomes possible through a personal confirmation of the mobile phone number. A confirmation message is sent to your personal mobile phone.

It is important to note that in the “Privacy and Security” section, the “Automatic Deletion” item has also been added. This button allows you to determine the time of complete possible inactivity of the client, after which the profile will self-destruct. The client can check the box next to the following data:

  • 1 month;
  • 3 months;
  • 6 months;
  • 12 months.

How to recover data

Unfortunately, a completely liquidated account cannot be restored. After the complete destruction of data, a person will lose the following:

  1. Stickers set.
  2. List of personal contacts.
  3. User subscriptions.
  4. Personal correspondence.
  5. Chats in which customers chatted with each other.

How to get out of the situation for those who completely liquidated the account?

For those who have done this, please follow these steps:

  • to register “according to the old steps”. In this way, you can regain most of the lost contacts. The new account will be able to display available users in its contact list;
  • if the old entries are so important to the user, then it is possible to ask one of the relatives and friends to resend the necessary entries to their phone.

Account recovery using a working SIM card

If you have lost access to your personal Telegram account, you need to call the network operator and demand to block the SIM card. But you need to take into account that for these purposes it will be necessary to provide the operator with personal data.

If the client logged into his personal account from any other device, then you need to log in from that device to your Telegram account as soon as possible and exit it. This will give you the opportunity not to worry that unwanted people can steal your confidential data.

Return of access with a lost SIM card

There are cases when a SIM card was blocked and at the same time a personal mobile phone was lost. What should be done in such situations? If the user does not have any open sessions left on other devices – on the phone, on the tablet, then without a saved SIM card, it will not be possible to access the lost data.

This is due to the fact that a one-time code – verification comes to the mobile phone in the form of SMS or a call. But if the user has access to the messenger on the computer version, then it will be faster to restore access. In this case, the one-time code will go to the open Telegram profile.

A lost SIM card will need to be restored in any case. The client’s personal number can be transferred to another user, who will be able to get personal access to his confidential data. But in such a situation, Telegram two-factor authorization will come to the rescue.

Forgot cloud password

There are situations when the user forgets the “cloud” pin code from two-phase identification. That is, the user, after entering his standard code required to enter, enters another “made up” password pin code. Under such circumstances, it is always possible to restore the “cloud password” to the specified email address.

If the user did not specify it, then otherwise such data can be considered lost forever. Here, only an “accidentally” opened account on some other device can save. If the active account remains, then you can export important data from the account.

In Telegram Desktop, data export can be organized in a few clicks. After such actions, you can completely eliminate the account and recreate it. Of course, you can continue to use your personal account from another contact device.

Forgot security login/password

If the user forgot to write down the security login/password, then it can no longer be restored. This password should in no case be confused with the password for two-phase authorization. In such situations, only a complete reinstallation of the application will help. Next, you need to do a complete reinstallation of the application, and then log into your account again. But with such actions, all chats will be lost.

How to restore archives in Telegram on Android

The system archives are the most difficult because they are not easy to restore. First, adding to the archive sometimes happens by accident. Secondly, archives may not be visible anywhere in the contact list at all. It may not be clear how best to enter the archive, as well as exactly how best to return the lost.

From a mobile phone, data is sorted into an archive according to the following scheme:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Find the right channel.
  3. They swipe left on this type of contacts, and then move the data to the archive.

You can follow the following algorithm:

  • first you need to click on the chat and wait until it is added to the archive;
  • then click on the three dots at the top right. After that, you need to click on “archive”.

To open the desired archive, you need to understand the chat slider down. After all the chats have receded, the archive itself will be displayed.

If the user works on the computer version of the program, then it is much easier to restore the lost archive here. Firstly, adding something to the archive is more difficult here. Secondly, the archive itself is always in sight.

To archive a conversation, you need to click on it and select “archive” the chat. Next, the chat will be archived. If necessary, it will be possible to open it and view the classified information in it. If you need to return the chat from the archive, then you need to enter the “archive” section. Then you need to hold on the chat with the right mouse button. Next, “restore from archive” will be displayed.

How to restore correspondence in Telegram

In the process of communication in regular chats, text, photos, and similar information are sent to the servers for further processing. From these servers it is forwarded to other clients. All data is securely stored in special clouds. This makes it possible to change the phone, delete the application, but after that go back to the application and find all “your” data in its original form.

Secret chats have more of an emphasis on secrecy. Messages are encrypted, but not sent to the Telegram server. Messages are transmitted immediately to the interlocutors. All information can be stored on local devices.

If the chat has been completely deleted, then the most popular method for restoring it is to click the “delete” button immediately after deletion. The client has only 5 seconds to cancel the action. The second method of “saving” the correspondence data is to ask your opponent to forward your chat to him. But the most effective way to save information is to make “its records”.

You can take screenshots, or you can export data. Such data is always exported by archive type. This feature is available in Telegram Desktop applications for Windows, macOS Linux programs.

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