Do negative calorie foods help you lose weight?

Summer has come, and with it the time has come for vacations and trips to the sea. This means that many began to suddenly bring themselves into “shape” – to actively lose the gained pounds. However, most people who lose weight prefer to starve themselves rather than go to the gym, citing the fact that a subscription is too expensive. Foods with negative calories are especially popular with people who are diligently losing weight. But do they really help?

First you need to understand what negative calorie foods are. Everything is very simple: we eat a product in which there are few calories, and our body spends more energy on its digestion than is contained in this product itself. For example, in one hundred grams of celery there are only sixteen kilocalories, while it mainly contains only water and fiber, and our body spends a lot of energy on the latter. As a result, it turns out that after eating celery, we not only did not gain too much, but also spent a few calories. Why not doing sports?

Of course, such products work ideally only in theory, but in practice you can encounter different nuances.

Most importantly, there is no convincing research that could accurately name the foods from which we can lose calories. The calculations are too difficult. And even in the case of the same celery, everything is ambiguous: scientists can report only approximate figures, but they may be far from the truth.

It is generally accepted that we spend five to ten percent of the calories they contain to digest carbohydrates ; for proteins, this figure is still increasing – from twenty to thirty percent; as for fat, we will not spend more than five percent of all food. It is immediately striking that none of these indicators even comes close to the level of one hundred percent. This indicates that scientists, in principle, do not believe in the existence of negative calorie foods.

However, these approximate figures can still help those who are looking to lose weight. It is enough just to give preference to low-fat protein foods (lean meat or low-fat dairy products) and vegetables (which have almost no fat, but contain a lot of carbohydrates and water). But it is better to stay away from fatty foods. And don’t forget about water! According to some estimates, two liters of water a day causes our body to lose about a hundred kilocalories. And if the water is cool, then even more, since we have to spend energy to warm it on the way to the stomach . That’s all the magic.