10 foods that are good for the liver

Good foods do not fill the body with toxins, maintain the liver in a normal state, and also improve metabolism in the cells of the organ itself (they are called “hepatocytes”). Think about how important it is to eat these foods so that you have everything in order. We also do not forget about the obtained vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients, we remember about the normalization of the water-salt balance, which is achieved by the correct composition of the diet. Scientists suggest which food is bad for our liver, and which food it is “drawn to”. Below you will see a list of the healthiest foods.

Beet One of the positive characteristics of beets is that it contains a very large amount of fiber, which is not destroyed even after long heat treatment. If you eat it, the level of low-density cholesterol in the blood will decrease. How? It will simply stop being absorbed through the intestinal walls. Beets are good for the liver as they are a good source of B-group vitamins, which are so important for the faster recovery of hepatocytes.

CarrotIf you take all the vegetables together, then carrots are an inexhaustible source of vitamin A. This is generally one of the healthiest foods. He is also a constant and obligatory “guest” in the menu of all kinds of diets, the purpose of which is to make the liver healthy and improve its functioning. Tip: dilute carrot juice with water in equal proportions, and then consume in small doses. From the abundance of vitamin A, metabolic processes in the liver are better launched, and bitter substances, from which bile is later formed, are absorbed faster.

ArtichokeTraditional medicine constantly uses condensed artichoke juice to improve liver function. It affects the body in the following way: the level of bile decreases; biochemical processes in the liver return to normal, the biliary tract is cleared of salt deposits formed from urea. You can find artichoke pills in almost any pharmacy. These medicines should be taken from time to time by people prone to persistent liver disease. However, in this case, you need to consult with a specialist in advance.

PlumThe pectins, which are part of the plum pulp, strengthen the cell membranes of hepatocytes. What else is the use of plums? The work of the intestines is normalized, the removal of toxins and toxins is accelerated, as a result the load is removed from the liver. Fruits are advised to eat for those who need to improve the water-salt balance in the body. Prunes bring the best results for the liver: it also gently relieves bile stagnation but also acts as a laxative – take note of this effect.

Sea buckthorn the regulation of blood biochemistry, sea buckthorn is involved – a berry containing such infrequently found trace elements as aluminum, copper, silicon, iron. In full composition, they improve liver function, normalize blood pressure, soothe and remove inflammation. That’s not all. Sea buckthorn is a source of phytoncides, which are similar to an antibiotic, but they destroy not only bacteria, but also viruses with fungi.

Green and herbal teasIn general, teas are generously endowed with antioxidants, esters and phytoncides, which make metabolic processes between hepatocytes work as they should, and also prevent their oxidation. But not all teas are good for the liver. Black tea is significantly more harmful to the body than its green counterpart. Hibiscus and mint tea, which, although they are healthy products for the body and belong to the “green” party, should be excluded in case of liver diseases.The best herbal tea for liver recovery is ivan tea. It gently drives bile, removes sodium compounds from the body, for example, urea. And from it, as a result, calculi are formed – stones in the bladder, ureters, and also in the biliary tract.

KefirThere is a small percentage of fat in kefir, but it does not prevent this healthy product from bringing the intestines back to normal. Wastes and accumulated toxins disappear before our eyes or decrease tenfold. Drink kefir every day – and with its help you will remove rotting food debris from your large intestine. That is, in this way the body is freed from those very toxins. The liver is responsible for the processing of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and since kefir is a dietary drink, a minimum of energy is spent on its absorption.

GingerBile is produced by the bitter essential oils that ginger is famous for. The bitterness that we taste stimulates the secretion of bile, and this process, in turn, is a good prevention against the formation of gallstones. Scientists assure that the same bitterness is also “moonlighting” with an antibiotic, preventing infection and parasites from getting close to the liver.


Olive oilNo other vegetable oil in the world is considered as healthy and at the same time safe for the liver as olive oil. True, the downside is that it is not at all suitable for heat treatment. You should not fry anything on it. But olive oil very well drives bile, preventing the formation of dense stones in the biliary tract. It is interesting!

EggsEgg yolks with their high concentration of cholesterol are especially beneficial: the indicator of other cholesterol decreases, which does not bring anything good to the body. But with proteins from chicken eggs, you need to be more careful: they are broken down by the liver itself, an excess of such amino acids causes an increase in the size of the organ.