10 foods that are good for the heart and blood vessels

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The cardiovascular system occupies a dominant position in the body. Due to its normal functioning, oxygen and other substances are directed to organs and tissues. There are, of course, factors that a person is not able to control – environmental conditions, stress, heredity and genetics. However, nutrition also has a significant effect on the work of the heart. It is scientifically proven that there are useful products for this particular system.

  • Pomegranate is of great value for strengthening the heart and blood vessels and keeping them in good condition. Due to the consumption of this fruit, the development of atherosclerosis stops, the level of blood flow is maintained and the heart is saturated with oxygen. The substances contained in the pomegranate create their own shield against the development of angina pectoris, help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Pomegranate juice is one of the healthiest foods for the heart; the processes of hematopoiesis and blood circulation are proceeding as needed
  • Bananas: The reason bananas are essential for heart and blood vessel function is because of the presence of potassium. The mineral lowers blood pressure and eliminates the risk of heart attacks and strokes. In addition, the work of the nervous system is normalized, and cholesterol plaques do not form in the vessels. A large amount of magnesium contributes to the absorption of potassium. Also, the consumption of bananas in food normalizes the hemoglobin content in the blood and the blood circulation process. There is also experimental evidence for this.
  • Lemon: What Happens When You Eat Lemons? The heart muscle is strengthened and the blood vessels are cleansed. Lemon is rich in fiber, carotene, pectins, ethers, potassium, vitamin C. Substances prevent the development of hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, angina pectoris, tachycardia, ischemic disease, including heart attacks. All of the above is supported by evidence. Lemon juice is as healthy as its zest.
  • Persimmon is a whole storehouse of potassium, calcium, zinc and iodine. It contains carotene, vitamin C, vitamins of groups A and B. Read more about the effect of persimmon on the heart. The diet should contain ripe persimmon, as it helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, and eliminates signs of hypertension. Scientists have proven that persimmon dilates blood vessels, helps with anemia, and strengthens the activity of the heart muscle.
  • Garlic: Garlic contains unusual and rare substances such as allicin, inulin, lysine, ajoene, and others. Eat garlic, and your blood pressure will decrease, blood vessels will relax and blood flow will improve. Moreover, the level of cholesterol in the blood will decrease.
  • Onion: Onions are also useful products for humans. It has a vasodilating effect. The oily elements inside clean the blood vessels, improve the processes of production and breakdown of cholesterol. Onions prevent the development of atherosclerosis, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Due to the consumption of onions, the blood is thinned, and the hemoglobin returns to normal.
  • Pepper: Of all the types of this vegetable, the red spicy one brings the greatest benefit to the heart. The ingredient capsaicin is found in various varieties of chili peppers. It gives a rather powerful rebuff to ischemic disease and hypertension, at the same time prevents the development of arrhythmias, normalizes the heart rhythm.A modern person needs antioxidants in a fairly high amount, and the use of hot peppers will compensate for their lack. Black pepper also has a beneficial effect on the body, and in season – and sweet bell pepper. In winter, as experts advise, it is better to refuse to eat yellow and orange bell peppers. The problem lies in chemical compounds that are dangerous to humans, which are used in the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables.
  • Cranberry: Due to the anthocyanins contained in cranberries, toxins are removed from the body, cholesterol levels are normalized, and the prevention of heart attacks and strokes is ensured. Ursolic acid, due to the expansion of venous vessels, helps to improve blood flow, and phenols strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  • Viburnum: Viburnum is successfully used in the treatment and prevention of hypertension. It is worth starting to use it, and blood pressure gradually returns to normal, blood vessels are cleansed, and cholesterol levels return to normal. The heart muscle becomes stronger. In addition, if there is swelling, it will go away.
  • Milk produces: dairy products cleanse blood vessels. Drink one glass of milk every day and the risk of heart attack is minimized. Calcium and potassium, included in the composition, also help to protect against the occurrence of hypertension and angina pectoris. Children are better able to digest dairy products than older people, and therefore lactose-reduced milk is suitable for the latter.

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